UWDMA Technical Initiative - “Wind vs. Windows”

In our continuous endeavour to bring in the best practices for the industry, a talk on Wind loads on Windows by a leading façade and window consultant was organised on the 3rd of February at Hotel My Fortune, Chennai. Mr. Amit Malhotra, Marketing Head – UWDMA welcomed the gathering and set the pace for the evening.

The topic gained popularity as Chennai was battered by Vardah storm in December 2016 and the devastation was fresh in the minds of all. Who better than Mr. Mahesh Arumugam, Regional Director, Meinhardt Façade Consulting, with more than 2 decades of experience in South Asia, Middle East and India to address this complex topic.

Mr. Arumugam enlightened the audience about various effects of wind and how the East coast is more prone to high winds be it India, Indonesia or the US of A. Complex concepts of wind movement through and around buildings was simplified with diagrams and pictures. High velocity winds can go around a jut up a building causing a strong pull out force which can rip open windows. Wind rushing around or passing between adjacent buildings can cause tunnel affect which affects the corner windows. The Hyatt Hotel, corner ACP ripped out was due to the wind encountering a wide building front and going around it.

In addition to wind, Mr. Arumugam stressed on water tightness as India has heavy monsoon areas. Water ingress can be due to gravity, capillary action or horizontal due to wind force. He illustrated the above causes and their prevention with interesting drawings. As UPVC is a green material and natural insulator, he suggested that UWDMA develop an energy rating or UWDMA label as the BEE has failed to do so. The UWDMA label program would set a trend in improving overall fabrication quality of windows he suggested.

Mr. Mario Schmidt, President – UWDMA addressed the gathering on the various initiatives of UWDMA and welcomed the audience to become members and support the cause.

The audience comprising of nearly 45 UPVC window producers and a total strength of 70 guests from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana. Considering the enthusiasm and spirit of the audience, we called for volunteers to take UWDMA forward in Tamil Nadu. Two members were nominated unanimously to head the Tamil Nadu Chapter – Mr. Veeramanikandan of SBP Windows and Mr. Ramesh N of Green Windows. This will help window/ door producers to work in tandem with UWDMA as a platform for the growth of the uPVC industry.