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Specify uPVC doors and windows
uPVC profiles

The profiles must conform to EN 12608:2003 severe climatic condition and their class must be specified by the manufacturer clearly printed on the profile so that the customer can identify the brand/ original manufacturer and the standard followed. UWDMA through Bureau of Indian Standards is working on a standard for the Indian market based on the EN 12608 with certain parameters adapted to suit the Indian climatic conditions and test ability. A draft copy of the current UWDMA standards can be downloaded through this link.....

uPVC windows and doors

In the absence of Indian standards for uPVC windows and doors, UWDMA has made a draft specification universally accepted by all industry leaders and practiced by them. Some of the international standards prevalent today in the market for uPVC windows and doors are:-

  • BS EN 7412:2007 - specification for windows and doorsets made from un plasticized polyvinyl chloride extruded hollow profiles.
  • BS EN 6375-3-2009+ A1:2003 - Performance of windows and doors part 3. Classification for additional performance characteristics and guidance on selection and specification
  • BS EN 12207:2000 - Windows and Doors - Air Permeability Classification
  • BS EN 12208:2000 - Windows and Doors - Water Tightness Classification
  • BS EN 12210-1999 - Windows and Doors - Resistance to Wind load classification
  • IS 875 Part -3 : 1987 – Code of practice for design loads (other than earthquake) for buildings and structures – Part 3 Wind Loads

Glass forms one of the most important part of the window and contributes maximum towards light and heat ingress throught it. As lot of pioneering work has been done by the Glass industry we recommend the following guidelines to be followed for the same:

  • IS 16231 Part 4 : Use of Glass in Buildings – Code of Practice Part 4 Safety related to Human Impact.
  • Guidelines on safety glass by Federation of Safety Glass -

International suppliers are requested to study the above guidelines as they are currently being practised by leading Indian glass processors.


How to Buy uPVC Windows

It is important to understand the key features which influence the cost and quality of the window you buy:

  • Profiles Do they conform to EN 12608:2003. What is the classification? Are their profiles tested for Severe Climatic condition of a minimum of 8000 hours exposure to xenon light of 7.2GJ intensity?
  • Hardware Check the hardware ; handles – sturdy and smooth in operation; locking system – Single or multi-point; rollers – smooth running on self- lubricating bearings;. The material for hardware should be SS / Zamak / Steel with special coating. Most companies conduct extensive tests on the functionality and operation of the hardware in addition to material corrosion tests. Verify with vendor.
  • Steel Steel reinforcement made by galvanized steel. Ask for the thickness and static calculation. Most profile companies provide a Graph for selecting the steel thickness and profile based on the size of window/door along with the wind load.
  • Glass Today glass manufacturers in India have strong associations and follow stringent standards. However please refer CCPS guideline on usage of glass in residential buildings ... And standards on processed glass by Federation of Safety Glass... Please note glass prices are subject to vary as on the date of despatch and certain processed glass attract wastage charges and additional taxes and duties.
  • Factory Setup It is very important to know where your windows are going to be produced and how? In a modern factory with complete set of machines or a sweat shop with crude machines. Quality windows can be produced by quality machines and trained manpower. The producer must have a Quality System Procedure in place to control the products coming out of the factory. Insist on seeing the factory or atleast seeing the Quality documents. Capacity is also important when finalizing bigger projects.
  • Installation A good window is as good as it is installed. Faulty installation can lead to leakage, water seepage and degradation. UWDMA is working on the installation guideline. Watch out for the same in the next few weeks.

Some of the proud window producers who are members of UWDMA and support the cause are listed in Member section

*** UWDMA doesn't guarantee or qualify the supplier. It merely acts as a guiding star for the buyer to recognize the good traits of windows. Commercial and contractual obligations are left to the concerned parties.

How to make uPVC windows and doors?

The 4 main components of uPVC windows and doors are Profile, Machinery, Hardware and Glass.