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Commitment and Window Installed!

UWDMA Installation Workshop | 28.06.14

Commitment and Windows came together, yes quite literally!

Saturday 28th June, morning in Gurgaon saw a new wave being created by the Window Installers and Fabricators. The occasion was "Window Installation Workshop". Installers and Fabricators from the entire North India turned up for the event. The prime objective of the workshop was to educate and help the Installers with a better mechanism for Window Installation.

These were the major concentration points

  • Emphasize more use of safety methods
  • Commercial aspects of installation
  • Methods for improving functionality
  • Incorporating safety methods
  • Importance of installation timing
  • Better installation techniques

Key takeaways

  • Commitment
    Commit what you can deliver, do not follow the property of "Over-Promising and Under-Delivering". This certainly cuts your customer and often can lead to the movement of your customer base to other resorts (read your competitors). Instead, say 40 days and deliver in 35 days. This is the center point of delight for your customer. As you took a definite certainty in terms of time for yourself and also was a reason of delight for the customer as you will end up delivering before. (Under-Promise and Over-Deliver)
  • Standardization
    One of the alarming requirements and need of the industry is Standardization. It is because of the advent of numerous players and their different definitions of quality and price. Setting quality standards organizes a process and further helps reduce deterioration in every minute field to as big as quality. Another explanation of this process could be understood by an existing famous model of Marketing (Isikawa diagram) which states the importance of 5 factors for a business to show its effect.

This diagram explains the key factors of product design and quality defect prevention which are necessary to be identified. To identify potential factors causing an overall effect, five parameters are analyzed. Each cause or reason for imperfection is a source of variation.

The interactive event took a head start with the organizers Ajay Khurana (REHAU), Y P Singh (Fenesta), Jatinder Wasan (Skyframes), Mario Schmidt (Lingel Windows) and Amit Malhotra (McCoy Soudal) communicating in the local dialect to comfort the Installers. When the rapport was seen to be establishing, enthusiastic installers who had come from all over New Delhi and nearby places started stating their individual preferences and brought to notice bottlenecks in the process of Window Installation. Later in the event, an enactment of four people happened. To talk and understand the mindset and perspective of respective stages of the profession; this team of four was formed to play different roles of the Client and Installer etc. This discussion cum chit-chat was the key takeaway as it bridged the gap between stalwarts and small scale installers. Issues of timings and overpromising were prominently emphasized.

As the event and flow progressed there were dedicated presentations from Wuerth and McCoy groups to suggest the differences between current and improved processes in the Window Industry.

The primary focus of the Workshop was to enforce effective interaction amongst all the stakeholders. Being an industry that demands efficient communication, a committed platform like this really offers more than remaining just a workshop. In a highly competitive and knowledgeable economic environment, it is mandatory to redefine and impart the much needed support in terms of the dynamics of growth and development of the Indian construction industry that is scouting for. Initiatives like these bring to table converged versions in one voice.

The need for benchmarking all the related parameters popped up very discretely during the discussion. The alarming need for creating standards was agreed upon by everyone. But limitations of price, delivery and organizations standards are what was/ is acting as a deterrent. If beforehand primary training is given to all the related stakeholders on the specification of safer and better means of Window Installation, would change the scenario many folds and in no time.

The Workshop was aimed at creating awareness, communication, promoting standardized process and imparting knowledge to the stakeholders.

These five causes are usually grouped into major categories to identify these sources of variation for any process, say Window Installation here

  • People: Anyone involved with the process; your customer and you
  • Methods: How the process is performed and the specific requirements for doing it, such as policies, procedures, rules, regulations and laws
  • Machines: Any equipment, computers, tools, etc. required to accomplish the job; for effective Window Installation sealants etc.
  • Materials: Raw materials used to produce the final product; uPVC, plastic, frames etc.
  • Money: Capital for raw materials and execution

Amongst an array of hundred guests in the event some attendees were VEKA, Green Fenestration, Window Magic, Deceunick, Wintech, Wuerth, Skyframes, Encraft, Fenesta, Lingel Window, REHAU, DNV, Shiva Steel, Aptus, McCoy Soudal etc.

This was an initiative by uPVC Window and Door Manufacturers Association (UWDMA).

UWDMA is registered under the Society Registration Act of XXI, 1860, with the Office of Registrar of Societies, Government of NCT Delhi, as per S/63770-2008 dated october 31st, 2008. It is a non-profit body formed to create value proposition benefitting all from use of uPVC windows and doors across India. It envisions empowering all stakeholders and enterprises, by infusing and sharing knowledge that will catalyze growth in the Indian markets. It is committed to extend help to upscale, align and eventually establish lead in promoting uPVC Window and Doors being ecology and energy saving formidable components. The Association endeavors to support all its constituents in helping one and all to be benefitted from high-ended functionality and outstanding features uPVC Window and Doors entail.

The Association is committed to create awareness, educate the end users, town-planners builders, technocrats, architects including other professionals by highlighting comprehensive value proposition of uPVC window and doors including energy conservation, eco-friendliness and recycle ability it offers.

UWDMA is formed by leaders; is guided by dedicated efforts in advancing high-performing windows and doors. The programs and efforts are tailored to get and meet the best from the developing global scenario through tested, proven technology transformations.

The Association is committed to make every effort in bench-marking related parameters for creating standards. Standards thus created are aimed to stipulate technical specifications of uPVC window and doors for uPVC profile extruders, fabricators and installation process.

President – Mr. Mario Schmidt – Lingel Windows

Vice President – Mr. Farid Khan – Profine India

Treasurer & Marketing Head – Mr. Amit Malhotra – McCoy Soudal (Assisted by YP Singh – Fenesta)

Secretary – Satish Kumar – Deceuninck

Technical Head – Robert Hoellrigl – Encraft (Assisted by Ullas Guliani – Rehau)